Scheduled Dates

1/22/2019   06:30 PM  08:30 PM
1/29/2019   06:30 PM  08:30 PM
2/5/2019   06:30 PM  08:30 PM
2/12/2019   06:30 PM  08:30 PM

Digital Storytelling.

Dates: 1/22/2019 to 2/12/2019
Schedule: Tu 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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Located in : Essex Art Center, E. Media Lab
Instructor: George Richardson

Regular Student: $80.00
Everyone has a story to tell. Learn the art of digital storytelling by combining images, videos, music, and text. Instructor will teach you how to organize various mediums and compile these items into a short slide show using Keynote. Explore how images and sound can convey emotion and tell a story.